The Ashton: Care Home in Leicestershire

Care Home in Leicestershire

The Ashton Care Home is nestled in the town of Hinckley, Leicestershire, where residents can enjoy the perfect balance between town and countryside life. Situated in ‘the heart of England’, our home offers residents the opportunity to design a lifestyle that suits them, whether they prefer gentle country park walks or discovering cultural adventures.

From exploring the beautiful wider surrounding areas such as Beacon Hill and Kenilworth Castle, to enjoying local garden centres, Hinckley is the ideal location to spend quality time with friends and family. Residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to how they spend their days, with an abundance of activities to be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Hinckley is conveniently located to a number of larger, more central cities that are worth exploring. Coventry which is home to rich history, ancient legends and an abundance of unique arts and culture and Leicester which is rich in historical heritage, offers a thriving bar and food scene as well as greenery for the nature lovers. Hinckley’s access to excellent national rail links mean residents and visiting loved ones are able to explore Hinckley and the greater Leicestershire area easily and at their convenience.


Unrivalled, Personalised Care From a Compassionate Care Team

Our staff goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care here at The Ashton Care Home. Our qualified team takes pride in delivering high-quality care that also respects privacy and dignity. The care we provide will cater to both health and well-being needs as we believe looking after the individual as a whole is vital. By working with prospective residents and their loved ones, we can customise residents’ care plans which can be altered if and when necessary. All types of care takes place in a warm and welcoming setting, designed to make everyone feel relaxed in their environment. 

Who is our home suitable for?

  • Residential Care
  • Nursing Care
  • Respite Care
  • Specialist Dementia Care

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What’s included in my stay at The Ashton Care Home?

We want every resident to receive the very best care and support they need, therefore it’s important that the necessary medical treatments are available for residents to use during their stay. Residents will have access to the following specialist care services included within the overall fees at The Ashton Care Home: 

  • Doctor’s Appointments 
  • Opticians Visits
  • Dental Care
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Chiropody

Residential Care in Leicestershire

The Ashton Care Home in Leicestershire is a welcoming, purpose-built care home designed exclusively for elderly who are looking to benefit from group living; our residents enjoy the advantages of living with like-minded individuals, free from the hassle of managing a household and undertaking personal care. This way of living encourages independence, and improves overall wellness. Daily life can be enjoyed thanks to our first class facilities and diverse activities and entertainment schedule created by our Activity Coordinator. Those living with us at our care home here in Hinckley, can do so in comfort while living a rich and varied lifestyle while receiving the best possible care available.

Dementia Care in Leicestershire

We proudly offer specialist Dementia Care at The Ashton Care Home. We provide a number of activities and alternative therapies that have been designed to benefit those of our residents who are living with dementia, with a clear focus on memory and cognitive skills. Our home has been designed to incorporate distinct spaces and comfort and familiarity, as well as practicalities like accessible en-suite wet rooms and awareness of the value of some items in the home environment. Our Dementia research and skills allow our staff to create a safe environment and expert care that is based on best practice.  

Nursing Care in Leicestershire

Residents at The Ashton Care Home have access to nursing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated team here at our nursing homes has received extensive training in providing the best level of care to people with physical disabilities, high dependence needs, and end-of-life care. We can nurse those with physical disabilities, those in need of end-of-life/palliative care, those with high dependency needs, and those who become infirm during their stay. Each resident will be assigned a nurse who will provide dedicated support services and will answer any questions or concerns they or their family members may have.

Respite Care in Leicestershire

We understand that everyone needs a break now and then. We’ve created a short-term care option to allow the primary carer to take the time they need. Whether it’s to help a loved one with additional nursing requirements after a stay in hospital to help them get back on their feet, to recharge, get some medical treatment for yourself, or just some time out, we’ve created a short-term respite package to alleviate pressure and free up time. Ranging from a week to a few months, our Respite Care is tailored to each individual.

Choosing the Right Care Home for You

We recognise the amount of time, research and work that goes into selecting a care home for yourself or a loved one. We believe it is important that all current and future residents, as well as their families, know that they can come to us for assistance at any time for quality support, during any stage of the decision-making process. After deciding to move to The Ashton Care Home, each resident is assigned a Primary Care Nurse who will discuss and assess their needs, create a specific Person-Centred Plan and monitor and continually review their care. All of our employees are picked for their experience, warmth and compassionate nature, so you can feel rest assured that you or your loved one will receive the finest care while staying with us at The Ashton Care Home in Leicestershire.

What’s Local to The Ashton Care Home?

Leicestershire’s bustling market town, Hinckley, is a diverse town surrounded by some of England’s most beautiful countryside and famous attractions. Located on the border of the East and West Midlands, Hinckley itself presents residents with an abundance of things to do and different ways to spend their days; from it’s 700 year old national award winning market and annual ‘Tin Hat’ Fun Fair to picturesque vistas and rolling countryside criss-crossed with lanes and canals, this predominantly rural area balanced with small towns and picturesque villages caters to all ages.

Those looking to enjoy quieter days can make the most of the local garden centres, Hilltop Garden Centre and Dobbies are popular with our current residents where they enjoy a peaceful peruse and a hot cup of coffee. Residents are also able to take a short drive to Fosse Meadows Country Park or explore the mix of semi-natural woodland and unspoilt grassland at Burbage Common and Woods where visitors can enjoy local wildlife. Both outdoor parks offer the chance for a leisurely stroll with a beautiful backdrop of Leicestershire.

For those visiting with children, the Hinckley and the Leicester area has activities in abundance. From the National Space Centre, where you experience life as an astronaut, through to Twycross Zoo which is home to the largest collection of monkeys and apes in the Western World, Leicestershire has a number of exciting attractions that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, there are plenty of adventures to be had at Stoney Cove, Beacon hill and Kenilworth Castle and Garden. Accessible by car in under 40 minutes, each of these impressive attractions offer an unforgettable outdoor experience. Hinckley and the Leicestershire area is brimming with things to do, aside from the market town itself, residents and visitors are truly spoiled for choice of things to occupy their time.

An Enriching Environment That Provides a Better Way of Life

The Ashton Care Home’s mission is to provide the highest quality of life for our residents. Our luxury, private care home provides lavish accommodation, five-star facilities and luxurious surroundings that will enable our residents to excel in their environment. Thanks to the daily activities on offer and in-house amenities, residents have everything they need to live a rich and fulfilling life. Residents can enjoy socialising with like-minded people and indulging in fantastic cuisine each day. An easy-going and varied lifestyle awaits at The Ashton, where daily stresses are taken care of.

We are proud to be regulated by the independent regulator Care Quality Commission.

Contact Our Friendly Team

Should you have any queries regarding life at The Ashton or Nursing Homes or Leicestershire Care Homes, our team will happily answer your questions, provide high quality support and further information. You can contact us by email at or call us on 01455 233350 to talk to a friendly team member. Alternatively, feel free to complete our Enquiry Form and we will respond as soon as possible.