An Enriching Environment That Provides a Better Way of Life

Our all-inclusive, luxury home has been designed with an incredible array of amenities, services and facilities in mind for all of our residents to enjoy. The Ashton Care Home has something for everyone, whether it’s afternoon tea in the beautiful gardens, a trip to the local museum or a beauty treatment at the Hair & Beauty Salon.

We endeavour to provide a diverse range of opportunities so that our residents can experience life to the fullest. Our amenities have been carefully selected to provide residents with a lifestyle rich in variety and choice, from quiet evenings reading in the lounge to inclusive, weekly gardening activities there is something for everyone here at The Ashton Care Home.

En-suite Rooms

The Ashton Care Home boasts 72 beautiful, spacious bedrooms, each of which is tastefully designed and equipped with an en-suite. The décor and furniture have been carefully chosen to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. All bedrooms provide everything residents need, including furnishings, Wi-Fi, central heating, a Nurse Call system and a television, all of which are meant to provide maximum comfort and relaxation for residents. Residents are welcome to bring any personal items or pieces of furniture that will help to make their space feel like a home away from home.


Here at The Ashton Care Home, we believe mealtimes play an important part of residents’ daily lives. When residents dine with us, they can expect a beautiful setting and delectable cuisine prepared by our in-house chefs. Our experienced culinary team is happy to offer a seasonal menu made up of high-quality, locally produced foods. We will always be happy to accommodate dietary requirements.

Arts & Crafts

We value residents’ ability to explore new things in a safe and supervised environment, allowing them to maintain an active and lively lifestyle. All of our arts and crafts programmes are tailored to our residents’ preferences, with the goal of inspiring and motivating everyone who takes part. We encourage residents to attend as many classes as possible and enjoy the multiple benefits that come from experiencing a group activity.

Activities Programme & Entertainment 

Our Activities Coordinator is committed to providing our residents with entertaining and interesting activities on a weekly basis. There’s always something exciting going on at The Ashton Care Home, from inviting performers like singers and therapy pets to participating in group sing-a-longs, quizzes, film days and baking. We welcome resident activity suggestions and endeavour to provide everyone with engaging activities each week.

Landscaped Gardens

Residents are encouraged to relax in our therapeutic manicured gardens, which feature gorgeous greenery as well as the sounds of passing wildlife. Our private and secure gardens provide a safe space for our residents to enjoy the outdoors; equipped with furniture, residents can enjoy al fresco dining when the weather permits, and residents can participate in gardening, tend to our flower beds, vegetable patch and maintain the bird tables throughout the year. 

Hair Salon

Our beautiful Hair Salon is popular amongst our residents, and it’s easy to see why. Our talented hairdressers are dedicated to residents and make them feel their best. We offer a full selection of hair services and treatments, from hair washes to hair colouring and styling. Residents are welcome to visit the Hair Salon at The Ashton Care Home as regularly as they wish.


When residents are looking for some quiet time, the library is the ideal location to unwind with a good book. Our Library’s shelves, which include everything from classics to recent literature, will appeal to everyone. Residents enjoy visiting our tranquil library time and time again, to relax in a comfortable chair and get lost in a good book.

Cinema Room

Our accessible, purpose-built Cinema Room is the perfect spot for residents to unwind and unwind for a few hours. We’re thrilled to be able to provide our residents with the comforts of a home movie theatre, complete with comfortable armchairs, a large screen, popcorn and refreshments. Our diverse selection of film titles covers a wide spectrum of genres, ensuring that no matter what kind of film our residents want to watch, there is something for everyone.

Extensive Amenities

At The Ashton Care Home, we recognise that every one of our residents is unique. Our home has been thoughtfully fitted with a range of amenities and services for the comfort and convenience of our residents, allowing them to live life to the fullest in their own unique way.

Nurse Call System

Should residents require the assistance of a nurse at any time of the day or night, there is a call system fitted throughout the building including their bedroom; residents will receive attention at the press of a button.

Staying Connected

It is important to us that residents have multiple ways to stay connected with loved ones. The Ashton is equipped with electronics such as communal iPads and computers which allow residents to enjoy face-to-face contact with friends and family, day or night. Residents regularly enjoy the additional benefits technology brings such as browsing the internet, playing games or shopping online.

Outdoor Gardening Facilities

Our private garden is fully equipped for residents to utilise this safe space exactly how they wish. From growing vegetables, to Al Fresco Afternoon Tea’s, our private garden is fully equipped for residents to utilise this safe space exactly how they wish. 

Enticing Menus

Dining at The Ashton Care Home reflects the sophistication of our residents with delicious food created by our in-house chefs. Our culinary staff create an ever-changing menu using high-quality, locally produced ingredients, as well as serving residents’ favourite dishes upon request. Taking nutritional, dietary and cultural requirements into consideration, we proudly present enticing menus to residents every day.

Dining Options

Our facility is set up so that people can enjoy their meals in whatever way they want. Residents have the option of eating their meals where they wish, from the shared dining area to the private, manicured gardens, even down to their own bedrooms. Residents can also invite family and friends to join them for dinner to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, build memories and spend quality time together.

Group Living

Making friends at The Ashton is easy. Our large communal lounges on each floor provide the perfect space for residents, staff and visitors to socialise. We also have a smaller, more intimate lounge area, which residents are able to reserve for private use. Ideal for family visits, this room also features a TV, music system and a Wii games system to keep children entertained during visits.

Unrivalled, Personalised Care From a Compassionate Care Team

Our staff goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care here at The Ashton. Our qualified team takes pride in delivering high-quality care that also respects privacy and dignity. The care we provide will cater to both health and well-being needs as we believe looking after the individual as a whole is vital. By working with prospective residents and their loved ones, we can customise residents’ care plans which can be altered if and when necessary. All types of care take place in a warm and welcoming setting, designed to make everyone feel relaxed in their environment. 

Contact Our Friendly Team

Our team will happily answer your questions regarding our care and facilities at The Ashton Care Home. You can contact us by email at or call us on 01455 233350 to talk to a friendly team member. Alternatively, feel free to complete our Enquiry Form and we will respond as soon as possible.