A single bed with a green bed runner with matching curtains. Floral pillows. Green armchair in left corner. Bedside table with photo and lamp.

Respite Care

We proudly offer unrivalled levels of Respite Care in purpose-built accommodation here at The Ashton Care Home. Respite Care is an opportunity to rest and recharge with our excellent team, no matter how long you remain with us.

Our Respite Care allows residents the opportunity to rest and recover and also allows family members and caregivers to unwind. Our knowledgeable and caring staff are highly trained to recognise and respond to a wide range of health issues, allowing them to provide individualised care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is a short-term care alternative that offers both scheduled and unscheduled breaks from a primary caregiver. Whether it’s to help a loved one with additional nursing requirements after a stay in hospital to help them back on their feet, or to get a break to recharge, get some medical treatment for yourself or to just some time out, we’ve created a respite package to allow you to take the time, knowing that your loved-one is in safe, caring hands.

A single bed with a green bed runner with matching curtains. Floral pillows. Green armchair in left corner. Bedside table with photo and lamp.
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Our Approach to Respite Care

Our home is a place where residents can live safely and pleasantly, with care tailored to their individual requirements. We take a holistic approach to care that considers the health, well-being, and interests of all of our residents, an attitude that is shared by all members of staff. Our home was designed to give inhabitants the most convenience and accessibility possible, allowing them to feel secure and comfortable while keeping as much freedom as possible.

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What You’ll Find at The Ashton

At The Ashton Care Home, we have considerately designed an environment that ensures the overall wellbeing of our residents, supporting them with both medical and personal care as well as a lifestyle that meets their every need.

Specialist Equipment

Personalised Digital Care Plans

Nurse Call Systems

GP Visits

Access to Specialist Teams

Optician Visits

Chiropodist Visits

Physiotherapist Visits

Respite Care FAQs

Respite care at The Ashton Care Home is open to individuals in need of short-term support. It serves as a temporary solution for recovery and assistance with daily activities when caregivers require a break. Additionally, those seeking full-time care can utilise respite care for a 4-week trial, allowing them to assess if our home is the right fit for their long-term needs.

All residents, regardless of their length of stay, receive the same comprehensive care and services. During a respite stay, individuals can expect a private bedroom, meals, refreshments, engagement in activities and entertainment, access to in-house facilities, and support with daily activities. Nursing care may also be provided based on the individual’s needs.

The duration of respite care varies based on the individual’s needs and bed availability. At The Ashton Care Home, there is a minimum stay requirement of 3 weeks, allowing residents to settle in and fully benefit from our support. For more details, feel free to reach out to our team.

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