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Joining in on group activities is the perfect way to socialise with others and learn new skills. Our Activities Coordinators are enthusiastic about creating a variation of exciting activities, which include our regular Arts & Crafts sessions. From painting and colouring to flower arranging and baking, there are many craft options for residents to enjoy.

Allowing residents to be creative brings a plethora of mental and physical benefits; combined with the social element these group sessions offer, residents are certain to have fun and feel accomplished after attending our Arts & Crafts sessions.

Improved Well-being

We believe that art therapy, in its many forms, improves well-being for older people; our activities team strives to produce an engaging and diverse activities programme where all residents can feel motivated and ready to take on each day. Group activities can also be beneficial in building relationships between residents, staff, loved ones and the wider community. Arts & Crafts sessions go way beyond simply painting a picture, it offers a range of benefits and our staff have seen first-hand the positive effects it has had on our residents.

Three female residents playing bingo with a female carer wearing purple. All laughing and smiling.
resident knitting

Activities For All

It is essential that every activity offered here at The Ashton Care Home can be enjoyed by every one of our residents, no matter their abilities. We encourage residents to participate in all activities in a safe and controlled way, this enables them to experience new outlets and learn new skills which heightens overall self-confidence and provides a fulfilling lifestyle. All sessions have been carefully thought out to meet our residents interests, with the goal of ensuring everyone is satisfied.

A male resident and female nurse laughing while playing a puzzle.

What You’ll Find at The Ashton

At The Ashton Care Home, we have considerately designed an environment that ensures the overall wellbeing of our residents, supporting them with both medical and personal care as well as a lifestyle that meets their every need.

Inclusve Activity

Learn New Skills

Themed Sessions

All Materials Supplied

Arts & Crafts FAQs

Every Arts & Crafts session takes on a different topic, from making paper daffodils for spring, through to baking themed treats to mark a special occasion, our Activities Coordinator ensures each session is different to the next. Our residents have access to a variety of equipment that may be needed for a session.

Residents have complete ownership of their creations. They can display their creation in their room or give it as a gift to someone they love. Residents also have the option to display their work around the home for everyone to admire.

The weekly overall care home fee will include all of the activities residents participate in. Art supplies are also included.

Personalised Care from a Compassionate Team

Our staff goes above and beyond to provide excellent care here at our care home in Leicestershire. Our qualified team takes pride in delivering high-quality personal care that also respects the privacy and dignity of residents. 

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